Board of Directors

Julian H. Robertson, Jr.

Board of Directors – 2014-2015
Cecil Stodghill – Board Chair
Baker Burleson
Hillary Crittendon
Catherine Fortin
Linda Ibsen
Karen Knoble
Andrew Lindner
Lawrence Moore
Sean Preston
Stormy Scott
Jonathan Vogel
Danielle Felix Williams
Earnest J. Winston

Directors Emeriti
Charles S. Anderson
Weston Andress
Pat Augustine
Scott C. Bortz
Robert W. Bradshaw*
Stephen E. Cummings
Meredith Dolhare
Suzie Yun Dunbeck
Nancy R. Ehringhaus
Fletcher Gregory
Ned H. Hardison
Peter L. Keane
John F. Mangan, Jr.
Robert E. Mason III
Father Louis Oats
Laura Park
Bailey W. Patrick
Claudia Plepler
Cecilia A. Ramirez
Marjorie Moses Schwab
Charlene Slaughter
Van Weatherspoon
Jackie Wells
John Spencer Whitman
Brian Wise


Online Applications for the 2015 – 2016 school year will be available as follows:

Requalifying Families (currently in program)-
Available: NOWClick Here
Deadline: Friday, March 13, 2015
*For an instructional power point which gives specific  steps on how to complete the Requalification Application – Click here

New Families (not currently in program)-
Available: Monday, March 16, 2015 by 5PM
Deadline: Friday, May 15, 2015


Save the Date!

Tuesday, April 21st
10th Annual Spring Investment Speaker Series
5:30 – 7:30 PM



  • CSF-C has become a Supporting Foundation of the Foundation For The Carolinas (FFTC)!
    Children’s Scholarship Fund-Charlotte (CSF-C) joined FFTC in March 2012 as a supporting foundation.  Our organization has worked closely with FFTC for a number of years and was previously a scholarship fund client. The partnership between the two organizations allows for enhanced collaboration, strategic alignment and operational efficiencies. CSF-C operates from the Foundation’s headquarters facility at the Luski ♦ Gorelick Center of Philanthropy.
  • Our new contact information is:
    Children’s Scholarship Fund-Charlotte
    Foundation For The Carolinas
    220 North Tryon Street
    Charlotte, NC 28202
  • 97% of CSF-C’s scholarship recipients (1999-2011) contacted graduated from high school!

Go to “NEWS” tab to read: Graduation Rate Study – 2011