CSF-C is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding educational options for children (Kindergarten through Eighth Grade) from low-income families, as defined by the Federal Free and Reduced Meal Program, in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.


CSF-C’s purpose is to award partial tuition assistance to low-income families so that their children may attend independent schools, which best address their academic, emotional, physical and/or spiritual needs. Our organization believes that by providing a change in class size, teaching methods, school environment, individual attention or overall enrichment, children can be taught the way they learn best and reach their highest potential.


CSF-C’s goal is to “Open Doors of Opportunity” through the intrinsic power of education. We want to positively impact a child’s educational experience TODAY, which will change his or her life FOREVER! Through our organization’s assistance, parents can have a choice in their children’s education and children can have a chance for success, breaking one more “link” in the cycle of poverty.


Leveraged, as local contributions are matched with dollars from CSF’s national headquarters

Desired, as more applications are submitted than scholarships available

Effective, as children’s academic, emotional, physical and/or spiritual needs are being addressed with positive results

Life Changing, as children are being prepared with a solid foundation in order to succeed in high school, college and society